Friday, April 18, 2014

The Truth About Gurus

"Guru" chasers and "spiritual teacher" seekers: you know how amazing it feels when you meet someone for the first time and he or she says something that you would have liked to have said, or that you'd always wanted to say? Your heart beats a bit faster, your eyes twinkle, your smile cannot be hidden and you may even sigh with relief. "Finally, someone I can believe in." You then sort of bond for life. A mirrored thought, feeling, or belief creates a heartfelt connection — a friendship is born. 

"Gurus" are tricky in this way, as they know how to use this method effectively, to their advantage. The difference between a Guru and a friend is, the Guru has created a distance between you and them. Money, power, authority, fame. 

The words spoken by these "teachers" is truth already living within YOU, which is why you get that super buzzing or blissful feeling when they seem to be speaking "the truth," falsely mirroring a real connection. I'm not saying another can't help bring your truth out. But real connection is a thing to seek, with another being on your same level that you owe NOTHING to — no money, no power, no authority nor submission. Just love and a MUTUAL admiration and respect. 

Whether this being to connect with is your God, your dog, a friend, or all of the above, it's up to you in the end.

I'm glad my dogs don't expect me to pay to learn from them—I'd be in debt up to my ears. Though I wouldn't put it past them to be conniving little sinister bastards. 

Perhaps they are planning $5,000 retreats and creating secret mantras now . . . ?


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Eva said...

"Test my words like you would test gold", said the Buddha. I trust him. And I met Gurus whom I can see as my Gurus indeed. Never regretted trusting them.
Buddhism was custom-made for Aspies, I believe. It was my way out of isolation through staying alone on purpose. I found it all in my own mind.
A Guru is needed to override the ego which keeps us from developing. It won't give up voluntarily. Our pride won't allow it.
If we trust our own intelligence while checking the Guru, we won't make a mistake. And even an experience with a mediocre Guru is a valuable experience.