Sunday, October 12, 2014

Always Opt to Be A Badass

Wearing the label we've been given, many of us tend to feel oppressed and "wish" to fit in. Do you not realize those who have been oppressed in history have always been intimidating to the ones doing the oppressing? 

The introverts, the aspies, the weirdos, the loners--look at those who have come before us who were similar to us . . . Mozart, Poe, Tesla, Einstein, Dylan, Akroyd, Kaufman, Daryl Hannah, Susan Boyle, David Byrne. Read about them and be inspired! 

Drop your story of the label that oppresses and be a badass. Pick up a guitar, a pen & paper, a brush & easel, a keyboard, a book. Take on a cause--be arrested for it, make a stand, speak your mind, share the deepest depths of your heart. Be embarrassed, be mysterious, be outrageous, be unique, be quirky--be YOU. 

Those who "fit in" have never made a significant mark in history.