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I, Brandy Nightingale (the author of this tempestuous blog and book), acquired the affectionate nickname of 'Weirdo' by my family by the age of three. 
I'd taught myself to read by then, a year later had become a seasoned entomologist, and became similar to oil in water when attempting to 'teach' others what I'd learned and memorized from the Encyclopedia the night before. I was more interested in creating tiny cities from dissecting the motherboards my Papa would bring home from work than playing with dolls and such. In fact, dolls scared me. They all have that one creepy, lazy eye. Even now I’m getting chills. 
In order to cope with a, let's say, at times less than desirable childhood, I learned to cope by accepting actor/comedian Steve Martin's devoted friendship (the invisible Steve Martin, mind), imitating fierce yet loyal Doberman Pinschers (whilst studying and training them as well), and creating incredible heroic fantasies in my mind which would more than likely be accompanied by a soundtrack containing a famous saxophone riff or two. I also consumed a ghastly amount of Post's Fruity Pebbles cereal.
I managed to survive, grew up, ceased barking, did some modeling, studied theology (on my own terms), moved to Los Angeles, became a stand-up comic, studied improv with The Second City (which, I admittedly sucked at), worked in the feature film industry, and still awkward and perhaps considered a 'weirdo' in all of these scenarios, some relief finally came in 2010.
On November 9th I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder, at the ripe old age of thirty-five. 
I now live in Ojai, California with my husband, three rescued dogs, and two happy hens. Everything's Hunky Dory: A Memoir is my first book.
If you’ve managed to get through this incredibly tedious page which contains an abhorrent number of I's, I (see, there it is again) applaud you and thank you for your patience.

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