Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sea Urchins & Naked People

Prickly subjects.
Santa Barbara—the place I'm headed today. I mention it frequently in Everything's Hunky Dory, as it was the one place I could count on creating good, positive, comforting memories when I was a child. Including the time 'Daddy' took my brother and I down to the beach on a beautiful, sunny day for an adventurous tide pool excursion so he could point out the sea urchins, sea stars and such. The sea urchins were beautiful, colorful, and strange, but could only hold the attention of two curious children under the age of five for so long, before they noticed a nude couple sauntering past, holding hands. "Why do those people have so much hair on their pee-pees?" we asked loudly, pointing at them as kids tend to do.

Poor Daddy.

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